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Certified Indian Data Protection Officer (CIDPO) - Complete Self-study

Significant business scenarios are in making while anticipating the long awaited entry into force of the Indian Personal Data Protection Act 2020 (PDPA).

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Your Personalized Indian Data Protection Officer (CDPO) Certificate


This uniquely assembled self-study is certified by the PRIVACAD India and the European Institute for Privacy, Audit, Compliance and Certification (EIPACC) entitling the bearer as ‘Certified Indian Data Protection Officer (CIDPO). At the end of this training you will receive both an Indian Certificate and an EIPACC EU Certificate confirming the acquiescence of knowledge as per one or more requirements of the prevalent EU CDPO certification scheme and Indian Body of Knowledge.


Participants of this self-study will receive a 100% guarantee of obtaining the much aspired PRIVACAD and EIPACC Certificates with their names as Certified Data Protection Professional (CDPO). Based on this certificate each graduate will be entered into the Indian Register of Data Protection Professionals (IRDPP), the Indian Register of certified data protection specialists of choice, increasingly used by (future) employers for verification and validation purposes.

This certified course is designed and conducted by a leading DPO of the European Union with global experience, professor drs mr Romeo Kadir, Visiting Honorary Professor with Jindal Global University (JGU) New Delhi. Together with a team of Indian privacy and data protection law experts, this unique course if offered to a large group of future Indian Data Protection Officers.